North Indiana Emmaus Community

Men's Walk #229

When:February 20 - 23, 2014

Registration Cutoff: February 13, 2014

Where: Epworth Forest

Pilgrim Name (Last, First)Sponsor(s)
Boose, JamesJeff and Rhonda Duhamell
Bourne, DougDaryle and Janey Prather
Clark, CoryDaryle and Janey Prather
Davis, SteveAlan and Jan Boggs
Davison, KentAlan and Jan Boggs
Duhamell, MikeBecky Franklin
Ebers JR, BillKevin and Susan Marsh
Ellis, WillJerry Whybrew
Fawley, RossClaude and Cathie Markstahler
Geiger, JuniorJerilyn Geiger
Jacobs, RodneyChad and April Whetstone
Krotke, JeffMike Murphy
McGuire, GeorgeKevin and Haylen Hostettler
Michel, JeffClaude and Cathie Markstahler
Ragan, MarcDan Weigold
Rambo, JohnHank Foy
Taylor, RobertTom Bice
Townsend, JoeJames Flack
This list is commplete!
Please send enough agape for
18 pilgrims!

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