North Indiana Emmaus Community

Women's Walk #182

When: April 7-10, 2005

Where: Good Shepherd Retreat Center (GSRC), Huntington, Indiana


List last updated: March 30, 2005

Pilgrim Name (Last, First) Sponsor(s)
Burns Bonnie Penny Burns
Clark Vera Jean Hatfield
Cook Stacey Amy Seewald
Early Barbara Pastor Kevin and Marlene Drane
Evans Sandy Denny and Terri Britton
Evans Mary Elizabeth Dave and Marilyn Kruger
Green Jennifer Robbin Green
Harter April Jill and Bruce Wright
Hathaway Amy Linda Woodward
Honeysuckle Jane Jim and Kay Dicken
Hunt Connie Jim and Kay Dicken
Keck Kathy Daryle and Janey Prather
Knapp Jo-Anne Val Matthews
Lanum/Ward Angel Annette Ruppert
Larimore Rhonda Pastor Kevin and Marlene Drane
Ley Kathy Michelle Smith
Mapeka Kashina Randi Lincoln
Miller Sarah Darrel and Pam Miller
Newcomb Linda Randy and Peggy Myers
Patton Sharon Pastor Kevin and Marlene Drane
Richardson Jenny Pastor Teri White
Robinson Pat Pastor Kevin and Marlene Drane
Rowe Julie Marilyn Rousseau
Rule Jessica Connie Pampel
Spraker Mary Pastor Kevin and Marlene Drane
Todd Doris Darrell and Pam Miller
Trainer Kris Josh Castes
Webb Carol Josh Cates & Penny Burns
Weist Amy Shannon Randall
Wilcox Melissa Peggy Myers
Williams Leae Connie Pampel
Wise Lesa Marvin and Bev Thompson
Woll Sandy Jay and Carol Crow
Woodring Laura Brad Woodring
This list is incomplete at this time . . .
Please send enough agape for
36 Pilgrims!

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