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Today is Monday, June 25, 2018
Men's Walk #173

When: March 4-7, 2004

Where: Good Shepherd Retreat Center (GSRC), Huntington, Indiana

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Team List

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List last updated: March 11, 2004

Pilgrim Name (Last, First) Sponsor(s)
Berghoff Jerry Cris/Lori McFall
Berry Robert Terry Goodwin
Billiard Kent Chip Gast
Burkhart Roy Randy/Theresa Alber
Busch Dave Jim Stradling
Capper Tom Kevin/Marlene Drane
Carr Jack Bill/Cindy Ramseyer
Childs Brent Kent/Lisa/Tim/Miriam/
Bobette Miller
Cody Thomas Darrel/Pam Miller
Cook Chris "God's" Roadies
Davidsen Kevin Marcia Leitch
Ervin Alex Reba Ervin
Fairhurst Bob Michael Godlove
Franklin Mike Fritz Behrens
Hancock, Jr Billy Ezra Beachy
Kaicy Frank Melissa Kaicy
Leinbach Dennis Leon/Sharon Jones
McEvoy Mike Phillip Daulton
Morrow Richard Ezra/Norma Beachy
Murphy Mike "God's" Roadies
Pampel Eric Larry/Connie Pampel
Pampel Don Larry/Connie Pampel
Pasqualone Keith Kris Opper/Larry Cooney
Randall Marc Ron/Erica Purvis
Rule Jan Larry/Connie Pampel
Seybert Bob Danny Barmes
Stoffel Jacob Krista Adkins
Thompson Marv John/Barbara Kleinofen
Van Cleave Mike Rick Van Cleave
Wadkins Don Leon/Sharon Jones
Wells Don Ken Gaffer
White Mike Eric/Pam Deeds
Wildermuth Butch Kevin/Susan Marsh

This list is incomplete . . .
Please send enough agape for
36 Pilgrims!


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