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Today is Sunday, July 22, 2018
Men's Walk #171

When: October 30-November 2, 2003

Where: Oakwood, Syracuse, Indiana

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Team List

Pilgrim Name (Last, First) Sponsor(s)
Alber Randy Theresa Alber
Baeverstad Mark Doug/Stephanie Moen
Behrens Fritz Mori/Jean Hersberger
Blinn Tom Kevin/Susan Marsh
Bluhm Paul Phyllis Hackler/Jim Knotts
Cecil Scott Bill/Susan Cecil
Council Ed Donnie/Pam Teeters
Gahs Denny Pete/Ladeana Jones
Green Gary Symon/Erica Olenczuk, Jr
Henderson Steven Sonia Henderson
Howard Larry Don Jones
Hyndman Andy Fred Lincoln
Hysong Bill Susan Poynter
Knebel Everett Kevin/Susan Marsh
Mann Ervin Boyd/April Mozingo
Mills Tyler Harold/Kathie Jones
Minthorn Sam Ron Vititoe
Mosher Don Bruce/Ann Burdick
Overholser Steve Kathy Overholser
Pernell Mike Jon Higgins/Tim Keffaber
Spataro Tony Jessica Smith
Spieth Doug Joe Mowery
Teska Lowell Ron/Julie McQueen
Truman Barry Steve Kaehr
Twombly Chad Mindy Twombly
VonHoldt Toby Austin/Nancy Fergusson
Weigold Dan Susan Stetzel
Whitaker Leroy George Singleton
Wright Tab Stephanie Wright/Greg Ellis


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