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Today is Monday, June 25, 2018
Men's Walk #167
— "Here To Serve Jesus"

When: May 15-18, 2003

Where: Good Shepherd Retreat Center (GSRC), Huntington, Indiana

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Pilgrims List

Team Member Position
Terry Piatt LD
Steve Hagen ALD
Mike Hostetter ALD
Fred Lincoln ALD
Lou Chesterman BR
Steve Conner SD
Jean Brindle Clergy
Larry Saunder Clergy
Jeff Stedge Clergy
Bill Bauson Music
Barry Benson Music
Tom Clore TL
Rob Goings TL
Dave Morse TL
Gary Peterson TL
Brad Saleik TL
Steve Salisbury TL
Bruce Burdick ATL
Charlie Critchley ATL
Charlie Hayden ATL
Ed Kimble ATL
Dave Ramsey ATL
Dave Ridderheim ATL
Randy Kowalenko Cha
William Mardin Cha
Dave Marques Cha
Elmer Matthews Cha
John Maxson Cha
Randy Rider Cha
Ron Ross Cha
Phil Saylor Cha
Mike Ammon Kitchen
Brad Foster Kitchen
Doug Hill Kitchen
Scott Householder Kitchen
Chad McDowell Kitchen
Ed Rousseau Kitchen
Ray Sommers Kitchen
Kirk Walker Kitchen
Larry Walter Kitchen


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