North Indiana Emmaus Community

Boys' Flight #53

When: November 25-27, 2005

Where: Good Shepherd Retreat Center (GSRC), Huntington, Indiana


List last updated: December 2, 2005

Pilgrim Name (Last, First) Sponsor(s)
Beason Tim Bob Vale, Becca and Yoshwa
Birk Braden Donna Highley
Burkett Allen Darrel and Pam Miller
Cass Ben Jerry
Fisher Tony Fred and Diane Smith
Gould Charles Marcia Gould
Halvorsen Alex Don and Melodie Halvorsen
Halvorsen Don Don and Melodie Halvorsen
Harrington Bradley Barry Wampler
Kaiser Matthew Joann Kaiser
Kaminsky Alex Kraig and Candy Kaminsky
Laney Phillip Phil Malavolta
Leitch Eddie Norm and Marcia Leitch
McDaniel John Silvia McDaniel
Moore Kevin Steve McCarty
Noto Mark Ryan Brock and Kristen
Patton-Scott Lyle Silvia McDaniel
Richardson Carson Norm and Kathy Snyder
Simmons Bradley Guy and Tammie Simmons
Smith Devin Jared Jennette
Vance Corbin Mola and David Sharp
Ward Justin Norb and Kathy Snyder
Wilkey Andrew Sherree Wilkey
Wotring Bob Chuck and Julie Wotring
Yocum Ryan Brenden Macy
This list is incomplete at this time . . .
Please send enough agape for
36 Caterpillars!

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