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NIEC Mailing Address:
     14306 Shore Oaks Cove
     Fort Wayne, Indiana 46814

NIEC Prayer Chain:
Note: Click here to find out how to post a prayer request to this website.

rowing Creations Newsletter:
     Ladeana Jones — Editor
     5306 E. St. Rd. 124
     Peru, IN 46970

NIEC Board:
     Community Lay Director — Gary DeVore

Emmaus Registrar:
     Becky Franklin
     400 W 9th Street
     Rochester, IN 46975

Chrysalis Registrar:
     Becky Franklin
     400 W 9th Street
     Rochester, IN 46975

Emmaus Team Selection:
     Gary DeVore

NIEC Agape Chairperson:
     Send to:
Lisa Miller
     11145 N. 150 E.
     Macy, IN 46951

NIEC Webmaster:
     Jon Kauffman


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